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November 16, 2010

Cheerleading is a sport. Period.

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I have been assigned to write a blog.  I’ve never posted a blog ever before in my entire life and  to me, blogging is a pastime of super-smart and computer savvy people. Defintiely not me.  This is going to be a challenge but I’m going to face it head on.  

Tracy Briggs, my Broadcast Newswriting and Reporting professor, has assigned my classmates and I to write a blog on something related to newswriting and reporting or an activity that we’re passionate about.   I choose to ‘blog’ about cheerleading because participating in this sport has affected my entire college career and it is one of my many passions.  Throughout this blog, I will give you evidence of why cheerleading should get recognition as a sport.

The debate of cheerleading being a sport has been circulating the globe for the past few decades.  Pe0ple, particularly those who do not have any experience cheerleading, believe cheerleading to be an easy activity. They envision the 1950s version of a cheerleader who stood on the sidelines clapping during the game.  What I’m talking about it competitve cheerleading.   

Unlike the regular sports, cheerleading involves every muscles of your body.  Legs, arms, chest, core, you name it, and we use it.

Sport is defined as organized, competitive and require skillful physical activities. It is governed by a set of rules in which a winner can be declared by objective means. Most people who said cheer or dance is not a sport have never being to or seen a cheer/dance competition. It is a sporting event where teams of athlete meet to compete in an arena or gym and a winner is declared.

Cheerleading combines “weight” lifting with gymnastics and dance and other things. It is competetive, there are teams, it takes tons of practice (both inside and outside of actual practice) and A TON of confidence. If cheerleading can’t be a sport but golf can there is something wrong with the world.

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